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Sanitizing Of Main Office

While we prepare to reopen in the second stage of government plan, It is important we are aligned with government protocols and can ensure precautions are implemented so we can safely return to operations, therefore We have sanitized our main office existing in Al Sahab Tower.A  local cleaning company has started the process by using a stranded materials to clean & sanitize the offices, meeting room, corridors, pantry, doors And any surface including tabletops, counter-tops, cabinets & door handles.




Kuwait was under a State-Imposed complete lockdown until May 30, 2020 due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Starting May 31, 2020, the government has announced a phase wise plan of gradual restoration to normality, in 05 stages spread over a period of 15 weeks (3 weeks per phase as per attached Council of Ministers circular)

Due to these unprecedented circumstances and instructions from State authorities, all transactions and work are extremely limited, restricted or halted, including our ability to transact financial matters with clients and banks. As we rely on client availability to release our payments, accept our invoices and products, we are unable to do business without clients’ availability which, at the moment, is absent.

Due to the above, please be informed that all work at our offices and at our Ahmadi premises, are suspended until further notice.  With that said, our employees shall continue to work from home to transact what they can under the current situation and address incoming queries and keep you informed of latest developments.

For any supplies related to Purchase orders or contracts, it is essential that adequate coordination is conducted and adhered to. The purchase division (buyer) must be informed of your delivery plan in advance. Only upon receipt of the necessary permission from the client for delivery of such supplies, you will be able to secure the payment thereafter.

These hard times are creating a huge financial burden on us and challenging business survivability.  Hence, we seek your support and understanding to bear with us until business returns to its normalcy.

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