Through the major international companies we represent, the following are some of the equipment and services being supplied to our customers:
    • Advanced Completion Equipment and Solutions
    • Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers
    • Artificial Lifting Systems and Services (ESP, PCP, and Rod Pumps)
    • Casing and Tubing Products (OCTG), Drill Pipes, Line Pipes, and Sucker Rods
    • Chokes, Pipeline Valves, and Safety Valves
    • Column Internals (Trays / Packing)
    • Compressors
    • Dewatering Probes
    • Expandable Casing
    • Gas Lifting Equipment and Services
    • Multiphase Flow-Meters and Production Well Testing
    • Turbo machinery control systems
    • Reservoir Studies
    • Turbo-Drilling Services
    • Wellhead Equipment & Services
    • P&A EQUIPMENT - Permanent and Retrievable plugs/Straddles, Drillable Bridge Plugs, Drillable Permanent Plugs and Drillable Cement Retainers with Setting Tools
    • Thermal Down Hole Completion & Equipment
    • Cladding, Casing Patch & Expandable
    • Cold Casing Cutting
    • Advanced Process Solutions for Oil & Gas Treatment
    • Modular Equipment Supplier for Natural Gas
    • Electro-Mechanical Equipment
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