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CCC FAT Conducted…

CCC FAT Conducted in Kwait for KOC-MINA II PUMP


Training on CCC Series 5 Vanguard…

Training on CCC Series 5 Vanguard for KOC-Operation & Maintenance

Program Overview: CCC is theleader inTurbo machinery Train Optimization Services for the upstream, midstream and downstream Oil & Gas industry. CCC held a 5-day training program for KOC from 17 Nov – 21 Nov 2019. The program objectives were to familiarize KOC maintenance technicians with various CCC systems installed in all KOC sites. Training included: Theory of surge control and System resistance, Antisurge, Perfomance, Speed, Fuel (Gas Turbine), and Logic Controls. Hands-on exercises were made via CCC’s Series 5 Vanguard Control System hardware and software applications. The program also covered the functionality of the different components in the CCC cabinets including Remote IO Profibus cards and DPM. In addition, Project Builder, parameter details, self-learning functionality, DCS Modbus integration and testing, Network configuration, and NTP time synchronization were thoroughly explained. KOC’s specific Projects discussed included BS-140, BS-150, Mina Ahmadi, and GC-23/25/27/28. in 21-Nov-2019 we have completed a training for KOC Engineers & Technician on handling CCC switch panels.

Program Outcomes and Impact: KOC attendees were able to show that they are now more aware about CCC systems within KOC. Through the hands-on exercises, KOC attendees can now configure Antisurge control application, performance, limit loops, resolve alarms, replace failed transmitters, replace MPU and IOC cards, identify and troubleshoot issues, export events and trends as well as tune the system for a more stable process. During the last 2 days of the program, the concentration was on system troubleshooting and system recovery. Attendees were also able to build a project using Project Builder, TrainView HMI software, as well as editing graphics, loading OS and Project to a real hardware chassis, and making system backup. Overall, this was an excellent experience gained by KOC personnel which enhanced their knowledge and capability to maintain CCC systems running for more safe process, minimize shutdown time, and increase production.

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